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Thursday, November 17, 2011

"They way I see it" Episode 2 Fraktology Vlog

here it is lovelies my newest installment of madness and fuckery lol.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ableton Templates how make them and where to store them and why to make them

Welcome to a new blog series thingy I'm know where i give a brief summary of the newly posted videos on my youtube channel on Ableton Live.
This post we will cover the basics of templating in Ableton Live.

OK,well first of all watch the video (that will help the most ). Then the how to aspect is covered in the video.but was isn't covered is really why. Templates are an essential part of music speeds up your ability to bring your creations and ideas to life faster and hopefully with better results every time. You can save as many templates as you like in ableton so be creative.  
     make sure what you need is available where and how you need it for the task at hand.Like i have a two track master template that just has my Izotope ozone on the input channel with a limiter and that's all. and it's always ready to rock when I'm doing a 2 track. I also have some for mix downs and so on dub step ,rock,jazz or even DJ sets .so you can do as many as you like .

  The trick to making the templates is how you save and where you save can obviously put them anywhere in your PC but optimally you want them in the Templates folder.

 First you must put in all the tracks you need midi and audio channels depending on what type of music you are making.Once all you instruments and effects are put into the new live can now save your new template by selecting "Save Live Set As" ,then navigate to the Templates folder in the library then simply Name and save.It's really just that simple.

  you can also set a default template for your ableton by going into your preferences from the file menu or by pressing ctrl-, and then going to the File folder tab and save the current set as default.

..And now for the why.
      it's really a matter of should be as easy as thinking or fact to alot of us it is just that easy to conceptualize music but then the dilemma is HOW do we translate this feeling or state of mind to others. I have found Ableton to be the easiest D.A.W. out there as far as flow. yes it could maybe do more depending on how you use your ableton BUT!!! I have used alot of d.a.w.s. if not all of them and i (imo) think that Ableton Live is the easiest. but i need to make tunes quickly and i broadcast with ableton so if i need a podcast studio or if i need to  just play a set my song writers templates help me just jam at the cigar shoppe .so templates are the basis for an organized work flow.which leads to a free creative work environment.
    Also don't stop your own operator,drum rack,and many other defaults to make your musical and production life easier. if you notice on my tutorials i have many of my own defaults in live for this very reason. I hope this Blog as well as my tutorials are helpful to ALL types of musicians. I will continue to bring you as much knowledge as possible to help you in your musical journey.
    til next blog stay blessed everyone!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Sounds and News Junk

   New  Sounds  and  News Junk

Well here we are ,it's been a loooong time since I did a blog posting but thought it was high time I did so. So here goes.I just posted for download on my website a 7zip file of 33 massive presets. they are sounds I have used lately and continue to use with massive and ableton live. i do alot of resampling of massive in ableton so I like to make alot of various sounds. To download simply click here EmcFraktal Massive Presets Download and if you wanna support my work then hit the donate button. 

I will be back doing tutorials real soon,so stay tuned to my  YouTube channel.
Also if you have been following me on twitter or facebook or soundcloud you may have heard some of my latest tracks,which contain many if not all of my massive sounds too. I am hoping to bring back my web show soon which will serve more as a video blog / show. I wanna talk Ableton related topics for the beginner . as this is the most trying time of using a D.A.W. software i think. 
well stay tuned and I will blog as much as I can.And I will keep you posted on show dates times and topics.thanks too all my supporters worldwide,I love yous guys!

Picture by  C3Dave

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Talking To Myself....

talking to myself. ..

Well its 2:49 am and here I lay thinking I wonder if I am being too ambitious with my tutorials. I will admit I maybe a lil stubborn but I believe that basics are a given. That’s why I try to teach them as much as I can. I don’t mess with complicated mappings and synthesis because no one likes a show off!
I like to focus on the newest nooby to @ableton. It helps you become a musician if your not, and if you are a musician or just musically inclined @ableton will help you take your work to the next level. Workflow workflow workflow that is the main reason to look into ableton but what you can do with it is the reason for staying with ableton.sorry just had random ableton stuff in my brain.
If you think I’m lying just try me. I love @ableton mainly because after a car accident in 04 I needeD to find a new way to play guitar and drums since I live with chronic pain its devastating to play anything ,but @ableton has allowed me to apply my knowledge of music and guitars to easily use ableton. This is where I decided to make some tutorials. Since some of the ones I saw online were not very good. An since I love dubstep I gave it a go with “how to wobble massive in live 7” very popular so off I went.
I hope to educate any and everyone to be able to express themselves electronically using only Ableton live. Well that’s enough. I think I’m done for now. Have a great night all.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A lil bit mo!



    well here is the short version... I became a musician in 1986 studied guitar for like 1 1/2 years then started experimenting with sound. I was exposed to music all of my life. growing up in poor urban neighborhoods i gained a love for reggae,calypso, and all types of afro centric and afro-cuban music. then i played metal guitar till about 3years ago.then i got into electronic music in 2001 ,and never looked back.
so i grew up and around if i seem all over the place its cuz i am. I can play alot of instruments (drums was my fave) i had 2 get into this music due 2 a car accident in 2004 that has currently taken my ability 2 play instruments and play live..BUT!! thank god for ABLETON LIVE!! i hav now been able to make my kind of music alongside all the traditional music and even more new and avant garde music as well.
and thats the short version....looooong bad life for me BUT no one cares so neither do i..LOVE 2 all yous n go out n DUBSTEP!!!!!!!